Thursday, September 8, 2011

Potty Re-training Day ??

I just realised that we have been travelling and having visitors non-stop since the beginning of August till about an hour ago. What brilliant timing This Mama has to start potty training. Nappies were more on than off during this period of time. However, since we came back home from breakfast this morning, I was surprised by the request of wearing panties instead of a nappy as well as pee-ing and poo-ing in the potty without being asked at all!!!! I was really chuffed that Baby O actually told me that she wanted to pang-sai in the potty and willingly sat for a good 10 or so minutes before poo-ing in the potty! If you know her, she usually hides and does her 'business' and tells you that she has done it later if she has her nappy on. She has also been so used to doing it standing up (Yes, I know!) that it was previously difficult to convince her to sit and do it in the potty. So I think this is a real achievement! She was also so proud of herself that she wanted to call her Po-po (grandma) and Gung-gung (grandpa) what she did! Lol.

Certainly hope that we will be nappy-free really soon! Although I must admit that I do miss the convenience of the nappy sometimes! ;-P Especially now that I am carrying a huge bump along everywhere I go!
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