Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's now a quarter past nine at night. All is quiet. Che-che O and Papa has gone out and Master J is sound asleep. I have the whole house to myself and have the radio tuned into the usual Sunday night Jazz on Lite FM.

Sounds like the perfect time to chill with a glass of red.... but...
1. I've been down with a tummy bug. Started on Thursday night after dinner. I ended up with no dinner after dinner as they all came back out. Have been having body aches and a mild temperature till today. My tummy still feels raw and I certainly don't dare to stimulate it any further with foods that will make it churn. So I'm left sort of hungry. I will try to get two mouthfuls of plain oats in later as suggested by a friend. Ya, plain oats in water. Hmm.. yay. yum. Guess I gotta still feed old tum-tum.

2. Dear hubby cooked dinner and left the kitchen looking like probably what's in my stomach right now. A mess!

3. I see things everywhere! Table mats under the TV cabinet, building blocks on the lounge chair, puzzles strewn on the floor, a sock under the kiddo's exersaucer, a train toy on the sofa (now removed as I wanted that space), all these and more on top of a big bag of things to put away...

4. The washing machine just beeped signaling another load of wash waiting for me to hang dry. Meanwhile, there are three loads waiting for me to put away.

5. Project Organise Thy Study Room has been completely abandoned. I thought it would probably take me a whole month. I thought wrong. Perhaps a whole year???

I am honestly short of a scream away. It is times like these that I truly, truly, truly wish I have someone here as a domestic helper. Either that or the ability to wave a wand and utter iggety-ziggety-zaggety and zoom! the mess away! It's just impossible to cope at times. I seriously wonder how do those mommies with beautiful blogs do it? When will I have the time to get a sensory bin or a I-spy bottle done for Master J? Okay, rant aside. Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat. Tune up the radio and now get me those washing gloves...... before the fever acts up again......

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