Friday, January 18, 2013

The Very Hungry Little Reader - an online bookstore for your little readers

Some time last year, amidst the busyness of life, I got together with a friend and started an online bookstore for kids. So instead of going to bed right now (@1.30am), I have decided that I should write a little about our bookstore.

My friend and I both have children and want them to cultivate the love of reading. We both love books and have emptied our savings on books for our kiddos many a time. Good reads in Malaysia are not only rare at times but also pricey. Thoroughly missing the time in UK where libraries are EVERYWHERE! And the children section is packed with books suitable for all ages from birth! Also missing the great deals for new books with offers like buy one get one free. I loved grabbing bargains from charity shops too! Got some books still in good condition for 50p! Don't forget the nearly new sale!!!

Well, we are not in UK anymore are we? But we still want to continue to encourage Che-che O and Master J (and their friends) to love books. So we got our acts together and started The Very Hungry Little Reader - an online bookstore for your little readers.  It is currently found only on Facebook as we have not managed to set up a blog unfortunately. My friend did mention before that most Malaysian parents would be more willing to spend on expensive toys and clothes than books which I have sadly realised to be true! Therefore, the idea of this children bookstore is for us to source for good, quality, popular reads and sell them here in Malaysia at a price lower than our local bookstores. It is our hopes that this will encourage parents to invest more in books which will open up a whole new horizon of imagination for their little ones, stimulate their senses, improve their language comprehension and a whole load of other things!

There is still tonnes to work on. We have more things planned and more new books to upload but we will take one step at a time. Meanwhile, if you and your little reader are feeling a little hungry for some good reads, why not pop into The Very Hungry Little Reader? ;-) See you there!

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