Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time to get organised!

This house comes with a little 'office'. I have sort of claimed it as my studio. Currently, it is in complete chaos! Due to space limit, I have many times stuff things in there and pile stacks of this and that up waiting for that one day when I am free to put them away. That one day is still no where to be found while I am left with a store instead of studio. I need to get organised. We have initially treated this beautiful house as a temporary shelter. Till we manage to find our own little abode. Looking at how the property prices go ridiculously crazily high here, moving into our own home looks dim. So we might as well start treating this house as home.

I have a few ideas here and there including getting a small kitchen island to increase workspace area as well as more shelves or even getting some cabinets installed. But first things first would probably be to sort out the studio. Needing some ideas on how to arrange and get some of the things organised in the most efficient manner. So Google, here I come!

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