Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Mama Loves Cheaper Books!

When it comes to books, we really miss England where you can purchase new books for less than £5! Imagine getting whole new books for RM5!! That will be the day. On top of that, there are loads of charity shops where people donate their books to sell and the profit goes to that particular charity (eg. Oxfam) - supports various campaigns to fight poverty; Barnado's - needs funds to help children). I have bought 5 books for £2 at Barnado's numerous times and the books are still in good condition. So imagine my despair when we got back and books are so expensive relative to what we earn! 5 new books can easily hit the RM200 mark. Therefore I'm in constant search for places that sells good quality books cheaply be it old or new, online or in shops and would love to share these places with anyone who loves books but don't wish to spend too much on them for whatever reasons.

Recently I stumbled upon Cheaper Books. They sell used books imported from the US. They have quite a good selection and I like how they show you a preview of some of the pages inside to get an idea of what the contents are. The best part is the books cost a fraction lesser than a new one even though some have a tiny creases here or there. "Where is Maisy's Panda?" by Lucy Cousins with slight peel on corners of cover and two slightly creased flaps on otherwise superclean contents is priced at RM6.90 vs $4.99 for a new one. How good is that? Only problem here is that I'm exposed to the books recommended in Britain whilst we were raising Baby O there so I am not too familiar with the books being offered and will need to look through the list to see what is suitable for Baby O before making a purchase. So it will be great if Cheaper Books can include an age reference for us.

Do you have a good place to buy books? Recommend it to us by giving us a shout!

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