Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MOMMade: 'Marble' Run [Homemade Children Craft]

Saw this marble run toy on a friend's Facebook photos and thought we can do something similar to this at home! Spent a few minutes brainstorming for a homemade version and then off to scavenge for the parts in the recycling bin!!

This is what I used:
1 empty cereal box
3 toilet rolls
Marker pen
Super glue/ glue gun
Craft knife

This is what I did:
1. Draw an outline on the cereal box with the marker and cut it out with the craft knife.
2. Cut a hole on the top of the cereal box using the craft knife to insert marble through.
3. Cut the toilet rolls in half. Place and mark where to place the toilet rolls on the cereal box.
4. Make a crease on one side of the toilet rolls using the side of the table so they hold better.
5. Put glue on the creased side and paste them on the markings. Use as it is or decorate with paints or stickers etc.
After testing it a few rounds, I extended the last roll so it goes right to the end.
 I also cut a little opening at the exit so it is easier to remove the 'marbles'.

 I tried looking for some marbles in the supermarket to use this new toy but couldn't find any. The crystal beads I have were kind of hazardous as they are small. Our plastic bottle cap collection worked but doesn't provide the same feel as a round item. So I made some using aluminium foil! Just tear some pieces up and squash them into a ball! Doesn't have to be perfectly round. The aluminium 'marbles' can be of different sizes and you can make as many or as little as you want whenever you want them!

This is what I encountered:
I placed the rolls too near initially and the 'marbles' just jumped right off the first roll so I had to remove and place the rolls further apart.

This is what I will do next time
1. Use either blue tack or not-so-sticky tape to put the toilet rolls in place and do a trial run first before actually pasting them on permanently with glue.

The best part about this toy is
Promotes creativity and helps develop child's motor skills!
It took us only half an hour to construct!!
The parts are easily replaceable!!!
Cost is extremely low!!!!
It is green!!!!!

We were so excited with our new toy that we played with it past Baby O's nap time window which was a disaster as she completely did not want to nap after that resulting in an overactive and cranky little toddler!!

Now this simple and easy one is done, time to brainstorm a more complicated one like this:


  1. wow, you're amazing! so creative!
    i'm sure baby O had loads of fun playing with it! she's so blessed to have a creative mom :)
    super duper like this post! :D

  2. aw... tks! you're too kind! :-) This is what we do to fill our time!
    thankfully, Baby O enjoyed the simple toy. :-)

  3. made by joel has this version too.. so cool.


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