Saturday, January 22, 2011

A break after a break

Waaa-ay too many things to blog about, waaa-ay too little time! I always need time to readjust my schedule back after getting my routines thrown off after a holiday especially with a toddler now. Holidays are great! But surviving the aftermath is tough.

Anyway, thankful that this time round the flight was only a little over an hour. Since we went on AirAsia, it was thoroughly up to us to provide ALL the entertainment on board. This time round:

1. we couldn't choose to fly around nap or sleep times as flights were limited. So gearing up with activities was extremely crucial! Reading a new book and colouring with crayons helped most of the journey this time. As did watching the plane take off and looking at the clouds. Yes, window seats are a good options for active toddlers!!!

2. I gave Baby O raisins during take-off and landing as before. We also let her munch on a bagel on the way back. She actually slept on the flight back. Managed to knock off not long after take off all the way till we landed! (Miracles DO happen!) We could see though that she was fiddling with her ears even in her sleep probably from the discomfort of the cabin pressure. Thankfully she continued to sleep through! Oh, thank You, Lord!!

3. Baby O somehow limited her time in the stroller. However it was still good to have a lightweight stroller around anyway for putting a sleeping baby in (if and when she falls asleep) or putting your shopping in!

4. I have to take note to pack a few more extra sets of clothes for Baby O next time or be prepared to do laundry. Remember there's a lot more to experiment and lots more opportunities to get dirty when you are in a new place!

That's that for during the trip. Now don't forget that there's also preparation before the trip:
1. Remember to notify a trusted neighbour/ friend that you will be away (and for how long). Get their help to keep a lookout for you and collect mails/ newspapers while you are away.
2. Install a timer or get someone to switch on the lights at home.

3. Have a check list of things to bring - passport, chargers, extra batteries, formula milk, snacks, etc. When you have a toddler, it's a different ballgame altogether compared to when you were packing just for yourself. 
4. Basic things to check but often overlooked: weather/temperature, currency, plug-points, passport expiry.
5. Have enough rest before the trip (and take things easy when travelling with a toddler!)

Ok, time to catch up a little on the other stuffs! Hmm... maybe not. Someone's awake... ;-)

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