Friday, July 8, 2011

My Budding Artist

One of the activities Baby O loves is to draw and paint. We started her off with non-toxic Crayola mini chunky crayons since she was maybe about 18 months old? Can't remember now... she was also introduced to water colour painting which she totally loves! I also managed to buy her a box of non-toxic water-based marker pens sometime early this year and she is hooked to them! She started drawing dots and lines initially and progressed to circles just before her second birthday. Soon after that, she totally impressed me by drawing faces! She starts by drawing a circle, then place two dots as the eyes, some squiggles on the sides as ears and a line for the mouth. Sometimes the line is upturn and we get a smiley face. Other times it is downturn and we appear to have a sad face. 
A sad face
She just loves drawing these faces and can spend a looong time 'perfecting' her faces!
Practice makes perfect!

There were only so many pieces of recycled paper that I could find so I had to get her one of these magnetic drawing boards. Got this one at a bargain from Toys R Us! Original retail price was about RM39. It was on promotion for about RM28. I had a RM20 voucher so I paid only RM8+ for this! This Mama loves a bargain!

Limitless creations

And when she had enough of faces, she even attempted to write her own name!! Which I found really amazing for a two year old!!!! Although you will probably think what is that?!? ;-)

Way to go girl!


  1. wow, she's really good for her age.. :) my Samuel cant draw yet..
    recently he has been asking my mom to hold his hand & write "A". then after that he will say "now write B!" haha. and he'll keep repeating these 2 alphabets over and over again. haha.

    good job, baby O! :):)

  2. yeah, I have to say that I am quite impressed myself! they all develop differently.. maybe Sam it the literature type since he's more keen in letters! I was impressed at how he could blow bubbles!!!! ;-)


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