Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting connected with Digi Broadband

This Mama is back in action! Well, kind of. If only Baby O does not stick to me like glue. The new environment must have heightened her separation anxiety. *Deep breathe* And all these shall soon pass....

I left the technical homework bit for dear hubby (DH). Come on, surely you don't expect a stay-at-home mom with one hand tied behind her back to do this? tsk.. Anyway, DH decided on Digi Broadband. I shall not mention the reason here as it is not based on anything technical. The talk-a-lot sales rep promised us that we will be connected the next day after sort of checking through the system to see where we are located. To my dismay, that did not happen until the following day. I supposed I should just be thankful that I'm at least connected now.

Basically you pay RM100 up front. We signed up for the RM88/month package which allows usage of up to 10GB/month. So the RM100 goes to the first month subscription, RM10 for stamp duty and the balance RM2 will be rolled-over to the following month. You will receive a free modem in the form of a dongle, a user guide as well as a SIM card to be inserted in the dongle. Hook the dongle up via a USB port on your lap/desktop. It should install automatically or at a touch of a button. Pretty straightforward.

You are given a 7-day grace period should you wish to terminate the service with some terms & conditions. So far, I'm quite happy with the speed of download. I managed to play some (very important to keep me sane) online Facebook games without lag. The only thing that is bugging me is having the dongle sticking out of the laptop which can be quite a nuisance. The other would be only one computer can be connected at a time unless you purchase an additional router which costs something like RM399. The best part of all would be having connection wherever there is Digi services like where we are now on the North-South Highway! If Digi is following me now, this post will be up in the next minute...

NOTE: Uploading a picture seems to be a little slower than usual so I shall attempt the feat again later when we're off the highway.

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