Sunday, May 2, 2010

A great way to get 10 minutes valuable time off your baby!

I was browsing through the aisles of Tesco to stock up for our new place when I noticed a promotion for Cheerios breakfast cereals at one end. Since not being able to find Baby Yoplait yogurt (or any other Yoplaits for that matter) anymore and the avocados here takes forever to ripen, I was left with very few breakfast choices for Baby O. So I was mightily glad with the Cheerios promotion (Retailing at RM8.49/box at ). On top of that, this is a multigrain Cheerios made of corn, rice, wheat, oats and barley enriched with vitamins and iron. A healthier variety? Sounds good to me anyway! Off to the cashier with two boxes.

When I opened one of the boxes this morning, I was delighted to see two separately sealed packs instead of one to keep the rest of the cereals fresh. Maybe all cereals should be packed this way in places with high humidity to maintain the produce freshness and reduce waste. Food for thought.

Back to getting your 10 minutes... So after placing some Cheerios in a plate for Baby O and some in a bowl with milk for myself, I sealed the rest tightly in a Tupperware container. Popped the plate in front of Baby O and voila! She sits there picking up these tiny little O's and placing them daintily in her mouth munching away while I check some mails and type this post! :-)

NOTE: Baby O is 54 weeks old at the time of this post. I would have been comfortable to introduce her to Cheerios at around 50 weeks or 11 months old.


  1. I saw this in tesco the other day but din get it cos it comes in such a big box! good to know that it contains 2 separately sealed packd inside, i will definitely get it for maddy the next time. i just found out a good way to ripen up avocado: place it in a paper bag overnight and next day u'll get a brown juicy one! :) -Mia

  2. Isn't it a great idea to pack them separately? Besides gettin the babies to sit longer, this encourages them to practice their pincer grasp too! Will definitely go back to stock up more. (Jusco selling them at RM9.90 per box at the moment.) Hey, do they stock Yoplait in KL? Thanks for the handy avocado ripening tip!


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