Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cheesy Toast

Since her flu a few days back, Baby O’s appetite dropped tremendously and she lost 300g. I can feel less of her and have been trying to get her to eat by offering her everything under the sun. I managed to leave a bowl of toast, raisins and cheerios (the only thing that she will eat at the moment) on the coffee table for her to pick and place into her mouth as and when because she will not sit in her high chair and finish them up like how she would normally do. Surely she can’t survive on a toast-raisins-cheerios diet! Had my thinking cap on and stormed into the kitchen to prepare something that she’ll hopefully not refuse - Cheesy Toast!

I chopped up some onions, about two florets of organic broccoli, a strip of organic red bell pepper and a tablespoon of free range chicken drumstick. I fried the onions with very little olive oil in a non-stick wok. (I know non-stick woks are a no-no to chefs but they make life so much easier and a little healthier!) Added the drumstick and fried for about 3 minutes till brown before adding the pepper and broccoli. Fried them for another 3 minutes. I then spread the concoction onto a slice of wholemeal bread and put slices of cheese on top before popping it into the oven for 2 minutes. When ready, I cut the slice up into bite-size pieces. Baby O chomped up all the carbohydrate, protein, iron, vitamins, calcium and left only two little pieces which is a vast improvement compared to what she has been eating the last few days! Ureka moments like this (although just plain common sense to others) makes me feel like such a genius sometimes! :-D

p.s. Beware of cheesy fingers all over your furniture!

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