Saturday, July 3, 2010

This Mama’s little kitchen helper

Since succumbing to the flu a few days back, Baby O has been stuck to me like glue as she reached the peak of her separation anxiety. Preparing meals was T.O.U.G.H. with no one around to keep her occupied and away from me. The TV (only used in times of desperation) didn’t do any good either. She also refused to stay in her playpen in the corner of the kitchen even though I am in sight. I was getting a little fed up with my limitation. Quick! Think of a distraction! Out came a colander, some measuring spoons, an empty plastic container and an empty (and clean!!) milk carton. My sous chef instantly went to work to dish up the most delectable (and invisible) gourmet dinner while I stir-fried some vegetables and cooked steamed rice! Ahh... another ‘genius’ moment! *Gleam!*

Do note though that I DO NOT encourage Baby O to play in the kitchen. I had to ensure that she is in a safe corner away from where all the action take place. Somewhere I won’t trip on her or her ‘equipments’ on the floor. Whenever I move around, I made sure she has not suddenly appear near me especially when handling the knife or hot water! Pot and pan handles are turned in and nothing is jutting out from the work top that will tempt her to reach up for it. She also understands not to open drawers and cupboards around in case they catch her fingers. I usually only work in the kitchen when Baby O is safe in the playpen, seated on her high chair, having a nap or when someone else is looking after her. She is however not entirely forbidden and frequently makes and appearance in the kitchen so she knows what is going on in there. Who knows? I might have a Nigella Lawson in the making!


  1. Owhh.. she looks so grown up now from the last I saw her.. I miss u, Livvy !!!

  2. She looks even more grown up now after her first little hair trim! See u soon, Aunty Pling!


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