Sunday, May 27, 2012

We did it!

Hello! Long time no blog. Don't think I need to tell you how crazy life has been nowadays. Blogging ultimately has taken a back ride although there were times that my fingers were itching to tap on the keyboard. Guess today is one of those days! Can't contain the excitement as it has been over a year since our intention to potty train che-che O. I can now declare that she is officially nappy free!! Yay!!!!

Well, we had been really good with the pee-pee. Not even wearing nappies during naps and at night. She would wake up in the morning and go to the toilet herself. Not 100% accident free. Like last night, we were out and she had announced that she needed the loo but fell asleep on the way home. We completely forgot about waking her up to empty her bladder first. Aiyaiyai... messy... just when I needed my sleep... Anyway, still very proud of her.

Then came the poo-poo bit. She just for some reason would refuse to poo in the toilet or potty. Maybe it's the sight? The smell? On and off I would throw her the question of poo-ing in the toilet or nappy again and it had always been nappy. Then a few weeks back, we had two last nappies and I had prompted her and asked her what is she going to do after the last nappy has been used up. She replied to poo in the toilet. This scenario is actually not new. It happened before and she just ended up not wanting to poo at all or throw a fuss and cry for nappies! This time round, D-(poo)-day arrived and I asked her where would she want to do it and she again replied at the toilet. So I calmly brought her to the toilet and stayed with her holding her hands (and my breathe) till she did it! I couldn't believe it at first! She actually did it! I just kept praising her and reminded her how clean it is to poo in the toilet and not get your bum all smeared in poo. She was of course feeling chuffed herself. And we of course had to call Papa to tell him about the business. And I of course had to reward her with lots of stickers. Low and behold, she went about the poo business that same night again! *Doing a little dance*

I guess this potty training thing can't be rushed and when the little one is ready, it will just happen one day. I'm just glad that day came before her 21st birthday! ;-D

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