Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cooking Therapy

Recently I've been feeling a little bored of what I've been feeding Baby O. She has been given either cereal with milk, toast with milk or yogurt and fruits for breakfast. So I decided to make some pancakes for her 11-month birthday. She didn't like the sugarless ones. I had to spread a very thin layer of jam before she tore them up into pieces and devoured them! These pancakes are so easy to make! They'll definitely be another breakfast option from now on!

Funny how I manage to find more time to cook now that dearest hubby has 're-'started work in another state. Some routines are also back into our lives. Yay! In the past week or so, I've managed to bake some brownies, a banana cake and even cooked prawn mee last night for dinner! Will have to find some time to upload the recipes and pictures soon.

Actually I'm loving my current role of being a housewife and mom now compared to my previous professional one. At least there's less customer complains! Just need more time to do everything!!!

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