Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I did it! Yes, a facelift for my blog! You didn't think it was for me, did you? Spent some hours fiddling here and there last night and managed to pull one off albeit just a simple one! Thanks to a few excellent blogging secrets offered on The Cutest Blog on the Block (TCBOTB)! I managed to change the header and the background with the clear instructions given!

To design the header and the background, I downloaded a free digital scrapbooking kit from Just So Scrappy Too. Got to know this site when I participated in the Makeover Offer on HuiWearn Kids Store. Just So Scrappy Too offer some excellent looking free kits to start with. However, I couldn't open the file with my Mac. So I had to cut and paste some of the items in Photoshop which made the whole process a little (or rather a lot) longer than anticipated. Anyhow, at least I get an idea of how it's all done now!

I've always loved scrapbooking since I was young. I would collect every single scrap material I see as potential scrap kit because I didn't want to spend the money on the nice fancy-schmancy ones. Only problem is we have moved so many times that I have not managed to set aside a place and time to do up my scrapbooks. Not to mention I have to throw most scraps out before each move. With digital scrapbooking now, it's so much easier! I can save all the scraps up on my hard drive and bring them wherever I go! Another life's pleasure made easier! Aahh.. Now to find some time while Baby O naps to scrap!


  1. Your blog looks really cool and trendy!! WHEN I get the time to, definitely need to check out the sites you suggested..

  2. Thanks! It's actually quite fun but pretty time consuming initially to get a hang of things. Discovered more yummy scrapbooking sites recently. Just need to get more time and memory space on my lappie to scrap!


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