Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Mama better get baking!

It's been some time since my last post. There are probably 10 drafts in my folder now and more in my whatever-that's-left-mommy-brain-harddrive. Time management. How do u moms do it? You blog, cook, work, care for 2 (or more) kids... How???

Anyway, I've been even busier with visitors these 2 weeks. My family was in town to keep us company as dear hubby is away on a business trip. His family will then be in town after that till he comes back. So I'll have to take them around a bit while discovering new places and routes (since we have the car to ourselves!), making sure everyone is fed...

At the same time, I discovered Hong Yap Trading Company cake supplies located along Jalan Siam. Have been wanting to bake awhile now with the extra time (yeah, right!) I have in my hands. Thought of starting with either Father's Day or my niece's birthday on the 24th. Got some ideas in mind and then went all gung-ho and bought RM100+ worth of goodies! The main bulk of the cost is from the ready made 2.5kg fondant which costs about RM40. Hmm... time to learn how to do it myself??

Ok, less talk more work now. Let's see if I can whip up something decent enough for us to eat in a few days' time!

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