Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This Mama discovered J.Co Donuts! Yum!

Visited the Queensbay Mall J.Co Donuts & Coffee branch for the first time about a week back and have been craving for it ever since! Finally managed to get some today. Half a dozen to be exact.. I know, I can be greedy sometimes... Well, it's get six for the price of five (RM12.00 or RM2.40 each) anyway. Since it was closing time, there weren't many choices left. I like the Avocado Dicaprio and it's just my luck that not many people seem to fancy it too much as there were more of it left than others. Maybe because it is too creamy inside? Although creamy, it's not too sweet. Which is how a nice little flavoured doughnut should be. Glazzy (sweet honey glaze) is the simplest yet may just be the nicest! You can savour the melt-in-your-mouth softness of the doughnut with a subtle hint of honey glaze. Perfect with a cup of tea! In fact, if you buy a beverage at J.Co's, you get a Glazzy free! I also bought the JCrown Almond (almond on white chocolate) and JCrown Donatella (almond on dark chocolate). I liked the crunchy almond bits (would be better if there's more!) but the 'crown' wasn't as soft as the other doughnuts. I actually don't really fancy doughnuts too much as I found Dunkin' Donuts too hard and Krispy Kreme too sweet. J.Co has definitely changed my perception of doughnuts!

J.Co also recently launched J.Pops Baby Donuts. A box has 12 best-selling flavoured bite-size doughnuts to share or all for yourself. I might just indulge in a box one of these days!

Ok, beside the sinfully delicious doughnuts, J.Co also offers beverages such as smoothies and JCool Fat-Free Yogurt with a selection of fresh fruit toppings you can choose.

I was pleasantly surprised to know that J.Co Donuts & Coffee is an Asian brand started in Indonesia with branches now in Malaysia and Singapore. Cool! Will definitely be back to try the Hazel Dazzle (hazlenut chocolate + coffee fudge),  Miss Green T (green tea), Coco Loco (dark chocolate inside and out!), ....................


  1. hmm.. makes me hungry now :P my sis used to queue for an hour to buy JCo when they opened at Pavillion, KL back then !

  2. oh, I did hear about the queue! Thankfully no need to queue here. It's good to know that an Asian brand can be that popular!


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