Sunday, March 6, 2011


Although absent from the blogging world, we have been going around in the real world. We have continued embarking on our discovering Penang adventures. There’s so much to see and wishing I have as much time to write about them! One of the most amazing discoveries is we found out there’s Autumn here in Penang!!! Leaves were falling from the sky a few weeks back! If only they were money instead..
Got Baby O out with me for a little sun and to clear the leaves. Have not even gathered them all and more started falling!! See all the ‘dots’ in the sky?
Busy, busy, busy!
Someone obviously doesn’t know how hard it is to clear them!
After numerous bags full of dried leaves, a broken new lidi (vein of coconut palm frond) broom, a very sweaty and dirty but contented toddler, an extremely sore back and thousands of calories burnt (I hope!), we managed to remove the carpet of leaves... ... ... only to find it covered again in the evening!

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