Thursday, March 10, 2011

MOMMade: Homemade Guess Who Lift-The-Flap Book

Can't think of anything easier to do than this with Baby O. A personalised lift-the-flap book! Got the idea from the Playhouse Disney channel where at the end of one of the programmes, the viewer was asked to identify which cartoon character it is by revealing only a partial body part. Immediately went scrap hunting after that. 

This is what we used: 
Old magazines with relevant pictures - we used AstroView for Baby O's favourite cartoon characters. Other option would be pictures of animals or vegetables and fruits.
Used envelopes
A booklet - one made of relatively stiff paper would be ideal. Otherwise I suppose old exercise books/ diaries would work too!

This is what we did:
1. Look for and cut cartoon pictures out in old magazines. Trim to fit booklet.
2. Cut used envelopes big enough to cover the cartoon pictures with about one centimetre extra as the flap.
3. Mark and cut holes to reveal only certain parts of the picture as a clue for the child to guess who (or what) is behind the flap.
4. Glue the flaps down adjusting the hole(s) ensuring only the selected parts are covered or exposed.
5. Decorate if desired.

Honestly no rocket science involved. You don't even have to be able to cut a straight line! Here are pictures of some of the pages:
Lift the handy flaps for clues!
The many ways to use see-through envelopes!
Incorporating some numbers
And some shapes!
Baby O was really good with this little game of 'Guess Who?'. She could identify most of them easily. The best part is, even though she already know the answers to some of them, she will still go back to the booklet and lift the flaps again and again! 

You know, we can buy less and be more green if we really want to!


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