Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yoohoo! Anyone home??

Ok, where and how do I start again after such a long absence from blogging?? I must say the long festive season (Christmas in December 2010 till Chinese New Year in February 2011) with lots of travelling here and there to be with family really thrown me off my routine completely and it has taken me this long to recover! Yikes! Anyway, am glad to be back and what better way than to wish myself a Happy 1st Blogging Anniversary! Didn't know where I was heading when I first started but it has been both rewarding and therapeutic for me to blog. Learnt so much in the process and made some new (virtual) friends along the way too! Hope we'll still be blogging same time next year!


  1. yeay! happy 1st blogging anniversary! :) keep it up. i enjoy reading yr blogs :)

  2. Tks!! Really nice to know someone reads my blog! :-) Love to read about the little ones antics on your blog too!


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