Monday, August 23, 2010

Bye-bye BF!

Gasp! Today is officially the first day I have not breastfed Baby O! I have been unwell the whole of this week. Dear hubby has kindly taken over the whole babysitting works and given me an MC over the weekend so that I can rest and recover. I guess Baby O was distracted by her 'new' attention giver as I was spending most of my time in bed while they went about their activities around the house. Since I was out of sight, nen-nen was also out of mind! Instead, she asked for milk throughout the day. Is this the end of my breastfeeding journey then? All these while I was wondering when will we wean her off and how are we going to do it since Baby O is 'addicted' to it. I would have never thought that it would end just like that over a weekend!

I still remember a year, four months and four days ago when it all began. The dilemma of how much to feed, is baby getting enough, am I doing it right.. they all seem like just yesterday! I am so glad that I had great support from the team of midwives, breastfeeding friends from all over the world and most importantly dear hubby. Without them, I wouldn't have managed to breastfeed Baby O till now. What I love most about breastfeeding other than all the health benefits is the bonding time between mother and child. I will surely miss the time spent cuddled together as this baby stage comes to an end.


  1. hi Lynn!

    came across your blog from Vincent's fb.. :) it's a beautiful blog.... i enjoyed reading it...

    you've done a great job breastfeeding baby O... more than 1 year is very good... I stopped breastfeeding Sam when he was 11 months old coz my supply took a plunge and Sam himself "rejected" me! when i let him lie down to suckle, he struggled his way out from my arms! hahaha... so ok la, made it easier for me to wean him off!

    anyway, well done on breastfeeding!

    see u this weekend! :)


  2. hi weelyn! tks for dropping by. hvn't got a chance to reply u til now!
    like i said, i think u did an even more fab job bf Sam for 11 months while working! and how i wish baby O is one of those who'll self wean! she's still asking for it especially when she's over tired or needs comfort for watever reason...
    anyway, u hv a great hol and see u soon!

  3. you've done so well with BF for more than a year.. thank God the weaning process was smoother than expected :) it does bring a smile to the face when thinking back to the initial first few weeks of BF huh??? well.. you can always plan for number 2 ;)


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