Sunday, August 22, 2010

We Found Our Potty!

After a tip off from a friend, Baby O and I ventured into the city on our own. We drove ourselves to Lebuh Kimberley, Penang. Our friend mentioned this shop sells all things plastic and baby/ toddler related and we wouldn't miss it. That is absolutely true! As we drove past Syarikat Teik Seng looking for a parking lot, we saw lots of tricycles hanging around the double shop lot entrance, plastic chairs stacked up high, baby bouncers and so on.

I was hoping to get a potty similar to my friend's son's. The lady owner showed me a number of potties. Basic round potties, one shaped like a giraffe with handles, one with music which kept Baby O fascinated while I continued evaluating the others. I ended up with what they call a closestool potty. This potty has a cover and a removable container for the discharge. The colour and design weren't fantastic but I chose it because it is not too bad looking, affordable at RM40 (after some bargaining. Saw the same one selling online for RM49.90 excluding delivery.), looks sturdy so the contents will hopefully not spill easily, and most importantly, Baby O looks like she is able to sit comfortably on it to do what she is meant to do on it.

Well, the manufacturer of the potty claims that this closestool is comfortable, beautiful, coMvenient and safe. On the side panel, you are warned to clean the ordure with a soft wiping cloth after washing it. I had to check what 'ordure' meant and the result was 'excrement, dung'. Hmm... I don't intend to keep any ordure around...
2. Don't place the potty on the surface of hot objects or use it near the stove... (Sounds like people might mistakenly do some cooking with the contents??? Wonder who puts a potty near a stove...???)
3. Avoid strong collision. *chuckle*

Ok, we have our potty. Now what??????

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