Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bummis SWIMMI Reusable Swim Nappies

I have been looking high and low for swim nappies for my water Baby O ever since we depleted our sole pack of disposable swim nappies lugged back all the way from the UK. I am quite shocked, and disappointed to find it so difficult to:
1. source for disposable swim nappies here in Malaysia
2. reusable swim nappies here cost as much as a membership to a sports club (obviously exaggerating but let's just say I can feed many mouths with that hideous amount of money they charge for a nappy!)

During our recent swim sessions, we have resorted to:
1. keep the day-to-day disposable nappy on and finish the session with Baby O's bum seemingly ballooned up to the size of a pomelo
2. take a risk, a very huge risk...

So I was over the moon when:
1. a friend has kindly offered to look out for more affordable swim nappies in the UK and send it over to us
2. I found out through Mummy's Reviews that Tiny Pants sells Bummis SWIMMI swim nappies at an affordable RM58! (Not sure if it includes postage though.) On top of that, I get a chance at winning a pair for my little bum as they are giving away two free swim nappies! OOoohh.. sure hope to win this one!


  1. I LOVE our Bummis Swimmi. Miles only just grew out of the size medium which I bought for him when he was about 6 months and 17lbs. He's now 14 months and 23.5 lbs. Talk about good value! We've had many a fun swim in these. And he looks so cute in it to boot!

  2. Hi MalinaDock,
    Sounds like Baby O's little bum will be parading a pair of Bummis Swimmi very soon! :-)

  3. Hi there,

    May I know where you bought your Bummis Swimmi. I'm planning to start my 6mo baby swimming and searching for swim nappy for him.

    Appreciate the details.


  4. Hello Harvind,
    Thanks for dropping by. I did not buy any Bummis Swimmi but when I wrote this post, this company called Tiny Pants ( was selling them. Not sure if they still do now. Unless you specifically are looking for Bummis, I also found some reusable swim nappies at Mothercare and disposable ones from Cold Storage. Hope that helps.
    Have a splashing time with the little one!


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