Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Much To Blog, So Little Time!

What a week and a half! It was grandma's 86th birthday celebration two weekends ago and everyone is back. So it was non-stop eating, laughing and catching up for us all. Some good friends from Singapore are also back at the same time and we managed to get together as well though I would have loved to have spent more time with them as it is so hard to meet up! Hmm... *puts in list - plan trip to Singapore*

Last week, I manage to learn the art of wrapping rice dumplings. Mine is the one on the right. A wee bit smaller than the one done by my professional rice dumpling wrapper grandaunt. What do you think?? Not too bad?

I also managed to finally introduce Baby O to her great, great grandmother in a little town in Perak called Temoh. We found her working in the farm when we arrived! Cool!

Baby O's routine was basically off - napping at 6pm, sleeping at midnight, eating anything and everything that is available and easy.... She seems like a different toddler as well - talking more, making her own decisions as to where to go, what to eat....

Our visitors have just left and we have two days to 'recuperate' and rest (and pay bills, and do the mountain load of laundry, and write emails, and reply Facebook messages, and yada-yada-yada) before another family gathering this weekend. Most importantly, I need to organise the files in my harddrive as there are absolutely not a single byte left anywhere. Gasp!!!! Guess blogging will take a backseat for a little while now...

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