Saturday, December 11, 2010

Countdown to Christmas - 14 Days

Yikes! A recovered Baby O = time to catch up with blogging! Here goes some backdated posts:-

It has been exactly six months since I started my compost bin. Time to unearth the treasures buried! All those dried leaves, fruit skins and vegetable peelings have turned into this beautiful, rich compost! There were also lots of darkened branches, roots and leaves which have not completed their composting process so these needs to be filtered before obtaining the compost proper. I have already added some to the soil of my crops. Am hoping when I return after Christmas, everything would be just blooming!

On top of that, my crops are growing well and bearing fruits! We have over ten different types of herbs, fruits and vegetables in our little garden now. Can't wait to taste the first harvest!

Such a satisfied feeling when you see your plants thriving and ultimately lead to the end result of producing fresh, pesticide-free goodies!

Thankful to have garden space and fertile soil as well as lots of garden squirmy 'friends' helping in the process!

2nd batch of garlic

Hong Kong kailan



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