Sunday, December 19, 2010

Countdown to Christmas - 6 Days

Baby O is 20 months old today! She is such a chatty toddler now. She talks non-stop and tries to imitate all that we say in all the different languages.

Amazingly she knows everything in her 'colors ABC numbers' book! She can identify all the following objects as well as tell you what each letter is for (though she cheats by looking at the picture we're pointing at).

She is able to count from one to ten and knows numbers up to twenty :-
This Mama: eleven
Baby O: twelve
This Mama: thirteen
Baby O: (mumbles)teen
This Mama: fifteen
Baby O: (mumbles)teen
This Mama: seventeen
Baby O: (mumbles)teen
This Mama: nineteen
Baby O: TWENTY!!!

She recognises the colours blue, pink, red, green and yellow correctly most of the time. She also knows what sound which animal makes:
Cow (moooo),
Owl (toot toot),
Frog (ribbit ribbit),
Dog (wow wow),
Cat (neeoww),
Lion (roar),
Pig (oink oink),
Monkey (hoo hoo hoo hoo),
Horse (neiighh),
Elephant (*tries to trumpet*),
Sheep (baa baa),
Duck (duck duck = quack quack),
Rooster (dududududu = cock-a-doodle-doo),
Fish (*opens and closes mouth to imitate fish*),
Snake (sssss),
Bee (bee-zzz),
Bird (cheep cheep cheep cheep)
Bear (roar)

She dances at every opportunity (yes, even to the clanking of pots and pans), sings ever so adorably and hums to tunes like Lullaby.

Physically, she is learning to jump and running a little but still walking a little wonky. Wondering if we should send her to a podiatrist as her feet seems to turn in a little. She now goes upstairs by herself but with us watching every step. She also tries to come down herself too but it is usually a lot faster if we just carry her down. New favourite activity would be to climb onto chairs or the piano bench. She does it at the speed of light! Scary.

All her teeth except the last four molars are out. Her body still seems warmer than usual after the bout of flu and I wonder if she is teething. Current favourite food: chicken, soup, and chicken soup. Still loves fish and fruits, milk and cheese. Basically no problems feeding her.

Baby O loves her grandparents and I notice she seems to have a soft spot for jung-jung (gong-gong aka my dad). She will 'help' him get to places by holding his hand. She will also unexpectedly go to him and give him hugs which doesn't happen with the other relatives.

It is however more difficult to get her to nap/ sleep even though she is extremely tired. She will find all sorts of excuses - read again, switch lights on etc just to delay sleep time. She has also been quite short fused lately again not sure if it is due to teething as before. We did notice though that it started after the bout of illness and usually only with me. What a bully!

Other than that, everything else seems fine. Praise God she is developing well!!


  1. aawww.. so sweet :) thank God for such a blessing :)

  2. livvy is indeed a joy to everyone around her especially her family :) livvy, may u grow up healthy, smart & pretty !! Aunty loves u *Big Hug* See u during CNY :D


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