Thursday, December 2, 2010

Countdown to Christmas - 23 Days

I suppose when it comes to the festive seasons, I like it the traditional way. Gathering loved ones together for a good meal. Before that, I like to build up the festive mood. Thus, one of the must dos for me is to adorn our humble abode with the appropriate decor.

As this is our first Christmas back in Malaysia in a place of our own, the first task is to get a Christmas tree.

Saw one in one of the brochures they shove through our mailboxes. So I made my way to the mall after dinner.

Unfortunately the promoter is no where in sight and I couldn't locate the 5' tree that I wanted. Not gonna spend a fortune on a fake tree but didn't want to get one too that is too small either and regret later. So I went home, empty handed.

Mission unaccomplished but the countdown has begun! I am however thankful for dear hubby took over to care for Baby O so I can go tree hunting on my own!

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