Saturday, December 4, 2010

Countdown to Christmas - 21 Days

Lights! We need lights! Got our lights!! 200 sparkly ones that dance according to music! Now, to decorate! By the way, I find it easier to put the lights up first before decorating the tree so that the wires don't get tangled up with the baubles and such. Next is actually trimmings like ribbons or strings of beads of whatever you fancy on your tree. I will place the ornaments on last as it will then be easily removed and placed elsewhere if desired.

On another note, Baby O has been waking up every night at about four to five in the morning and crawled into our bed. When she does that, it usually means the end of a peaceful night's sleep. This is because Baby O needs to find THE ultimate sleep position. To do that, she'll bulldoze my sides with her head or turn around 90 degrees often landing her foot on my face. Besides being a light sleeper, I will also be too cautious of her presence in between us so much so that I will wake up naturally every half hour or so just to make sure that she has not disappeared under the blanket or being squashed by one of us. Last night, I was thankful that dear hubby suggested for me to sleep in the next room so that I can get a night's rest without interruption, something that I needed. This morning, I woke up earlier than usual but all ready to go! Highly recommend all mommies (or even daddies) with babies who disrupts sleep to have a go at it too!

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