Friday, December 10, 2010

Countdown to Christmas - 15 Days

Lately, I have been having things like dizzy spells and car sickness which I have not had before. I also feel thirsty easily. With family medical history like mine, we decided that I should have a general medical check-up which includes full blood tests and an x-ray. Got my results back today and everything is still within range. Thank God for good health (despite the nagging back aches!). Must be the (very) late nights (spent blogging!!). Gotta really cut them down. In order to take care of my love ones, I must first of all take care of myself!

Praying that Baby O gets well soon though...


  1. how's baby O? Hope she's better now..

    glad to hear you're in good health...praise God.

    sent you an email last week, not sure if you've read it... anyway, do take care.
    love reading yr blog posts! :)


  2. hi weelyn! baby O still not fully recovered. fever down but caught cold and cough. :( sorry hvn't a chance to reply yr email till now due to all these!

    glad someone reads my blog! haha...

  3. oh dear. will keep her in prayers.
    rachel also caught a cold. i think it's due to the cold weather.

    no worries abt the email... :)

    catch up with you soon...


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